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Your Dental Check Up: Make It An Annual Routine

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If you want to take preventative measures to ensure you do not get cavities, make sure you schedule a yearly check up with a dentist.

Getting a yearly checkup at the dentist not only keeps your teeth from forming cavities but also takes care of any tartar or plaque buildup.

Make sure that you are brushing and flossing as your dentist instructs. For the cleanest mouth, brush every day, twice a day. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice per day and flossing a few times per week. Flossing further prevents tartar and plaque buildup.  

Preventative dental care will ensure that you have the best oral health possible. Keep your teeth safe from cavities, tartar build up, dental decay, periodontal disease and gum disease.

Dental hygienists and dentists know how to determine the health of your teeth. Through a routine dental cleaning, regular checkups, fluoride treatments, and digital X-rays, they can identify any existing problems and find solutions to help you. Sometimes, you may not see or feel a problem, but one may exist. That’s why it is important to have the dental hygienist and dentist look at your teeth twice a year.

X- rays are used to determine if there are any signs of disease or decay.  The dentist will look at the x-rays taken of your teeth.  If you are diagnosed, the dentist will provide the most effective treatment option.  Finding problems as soon as possible will keep existing problems from getting worse and more serious.  

You can say goodbye to plaque buildup and calcified tartar between your teeth and gums when you get your teeth cleaning at the dentist office.

Polishing your teeth will remove surface stains. The dental hygienist will leave your teeth very clean and shiny after a short polishing. Your hygienist may recommend getting more frequent cleanings if there are signs of periodontal disease.  

After polishing, you may receive a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a foam that you have in your mouth for under five minutes. In some cases, it is simply a gel-like substance that is brushed on your teeth. This treatment will prevent tooth decay by combatting plaque, sugars, and bacteria from damaging your teeth! The fluoride treatment will begin working instantly.  Wait 30 minutes before you eat or drink after the treatment. This will allow your teeth time to absorb the fluoride.

After an annual teeth cleaning, you will leave the checkup with your dentist with a big smile.  You will walk out with a healthy, beautiful, and bright smile.   Most patients have their teeth cleaned every six months. But, if you can’t find the time, once per year cleanings in office will keep your teeth healthy.

Get a routine dental cleaning today! Schedule an annual checkup appointment with Dr. Angie Rhodes today for a cleaning. She will make sure that your teeth are in great shape.


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